Jelisaveta Lazarević, Research assistant

Jelisaveta Lazarević has been working in CEVES since February 2016. As Research assistant. She is working on monitoring and analyse of global macroeconomics trends in certain sectors. She is particularly interested in analysing market trends in energy sector.

She has finished Faculty of finance, economics and administration, and currently she is on master study at the same faculty. She has graduated on the subject: “Transfer pricing impact on competitiveness of multinational companies”. She is speaking German and English. During her studies, practical experience gained in Deloitte and Innovation Fund. In one month long internship in Deloitte, gained knowledge about Transfer pricing through benchmark analyses and learn how to application method of arm’s length. Also, acquainted with tax policy in Serbia throw checking tax balance sheet of Serbian based companies. In one month long internship in Serbian Innovation Found, gained experience in situation in Serbian economics, especially in business conditions in startups. Negotiating experience and arranging project experience, gained through participating the meeting between Fund and World Bank about Project to support research, innovation and technology transfer in Serbia. Acquainted with Serbian economics through visitation to the companies in order to check compliance with environmental standards operations.

In her free time, she likes playing darts, bowling and watching movies.

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