Mila Pejcic, Analyst

Mila Pejčić is employed in the Center for Advanced Economic Studies, where she works as an analyst. She is engaged in all phases of the research process: creating databases, forming and analysis of quantitative indicators, qualitative analysis and report writing. In addition, she works on coordination and communication in HR aspects and has specialized in majority of activities relating to support in financial managament.
While she is engaged on all projets in CEVES, her focus is on support for development of the agricultural sector; reducing of regional economic inequality; as well as nonincome aspects of living standard growth, such as education and health.

She graduated from the Faculty of economics, University of Belgrade on the module statistics, informatics and quantitative finance; optional group statistics. Her graduation thesis was „Index of human development“ and she is interested in economic subjects of greater importance for society.

During her studies she participated in volountary activities with humanitarian and educational goals. In her spare time she likes to read and travel.

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