Living in European Serbia – Illustration, quantification and promotion of citisens’ benefits from the implementation of policies harmonized with EU standards

Partner: Fondation for Open Sociaty

The goal of the project is to contribute to the implementation of policies that are in alignment with EU standards, through motivating citizens to support the process of Eurointegration more intensively and by encouraging decision-makers to implement policies more consistently, and to pay more attention to contributing to meeting the key needs of citizens. Through continuous communication with decision-makers, CSOs, and citizens, through the Convent, consultative meetings and “online” dissemination, the project will quantify, and then illustrate and promote the concrete benefits that citizens can achieve through the genuine implementation of reforms. In particular, this relates to the domain of socio-economic policies, which are generally not harmonized with the EU, but are in the domain of national competencies – and therefore often it is not clear enough how their effect depends on reforms related to Eurointegration.


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