Competitiveness of Serbian Economy — where does the untapped potential lie and how to use it?

November 5th, 2015

Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES) presented the results of the competitiveness of Serbian economy as the part of the study “Development Potential Index of Tradable Sectors of Serbian Economy” at the Regional Investment Summit of NIN Focus held on November 5th 2015 at the hotel “Izvor” in Arandjelovac.

Nemanja Sormaz underlined the fact that exports should be positioned as the main engine of a dynamic, sustainable, inclusive, and smart economic growth. In order to continue a dynamic export growth it is necessary to support the most competitive sectors of Serbian economy through “tailor-made” vertical policies.


  • Promoting exports as the cornerstone of development,
  • Creating a development strategy with the focus on “potential champions” and competitive sectors,
  • Extension of improvement of the business environment but with the addition of “tailor-fit” vertical policies,
  • Growth of both export and GDP will be a good measurement of success of the implementation, but the best indicator of quality and sustainability of growth will be the improvement of productivity.

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