Development potentials index of tradable sectors

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS)

Year: 2016

The objective of the assignment was to assess performance and competitive potentials of tradable sectors in Serbia’s economy, through an innovative tool developed by CEVES – Development Potentials Index (DPI). The specific goal was to create an innovative and comprehensive tool that would provide better insight into tradable sector competitive patterns in Serbia. DPI results made a foundation for the selection of four priority sectors by Ministry of Economy.

DPI represents a composite index that uncovered detailed performance and competitiveness patterns of all tradable sectors in Serbia. This analysis was primarily based on quantitative analysis: 114 tradable sectors were assessed with 120 indicators of different weights; 6 years observed period after the strike of the global crisis in 2009; 80.000 companies detailed performance analysis, international competitiveness product analysis on 110 foreign markets, etc. DPI was consisted of nine pillars: (1) general performance, (2) export performance, (3) sustainable performance, (4) growth potential, (5) potential for spill-over effects, (6) sophistication potential, (7) employment creation, (8) investment attraction, and (9) encouragement of entrepreneurship and development of micro and small enterprises. The analysis covered as well: 1) economic impact of global commodity (oil, gas, coal, iron, steel, copper, aluminum, lumber, agribusiness) on key performance indicators of affected sectors in Serbia’s economy; 2) in addition to rankings of individual sectors, rankings of the most important value chains were also produced, in order to assess the performance and functionality of a sector surrounding and its ability to develop in those conditions.


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