Kori Udovički: In the process of EPS reform, the biggest problem has always been political interference

Chief Economist of Cevesa Kori Udovički stated that in the process of reforming the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, the biggest problem has always been political interference.

“It is a much bigger problem than simple corruption.” If you manage the system badly as we have just seen. The price of that overwork, the price of not maintaining something properly is ultimately higher than what someone has installed somewhere,” said Udovicki on Insider television.

Udovicki said that because of this, it is necessary to ask the question of where the policy is leading EPS because, as she stated, there is a threat of a coal shortage.

“We will run out of coal in 20-30 years.” In energy, that period is tomorrow, and we are still talking about it as if it is something that is yet to come,” she added.

Regarding the Serbian government’s move to hire a company from Norway to propose a reform model, Udovicki says that the company can act as an advisor, but that the state will ultimately implement the reforms.

“When it was necessary to stabilize coal production in Kolubara, a director for the Kolubara Mining Basin was found who knows how to organize production. The problem is that he is a politician from another story. And what do we do now? “Are we going to let the Norwegians throw politics out of the EPS,” asked Udovički

You can watch the entire interview at the following link.

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