Private Sector Development

Partner: GIZ

In cooperation with GIZ, CEVES is conducting a preparatory project for establishment of SME Observatory – that would focus on more in-depth analysis of SME business climate and market intelligence.

It is expected that SME observatory can enhance Serbia’s sustainable economic development by producing knowledge and regular information that will substantially enhance:

  • The Government’s capacity to formulate well targeted growth-promoting sectoral and macroeconomic policies;
  • The quality of the SME sector’s business decision-making.

In addition, by creating a shared space of information, the Institute will:

  • Promote and enhance the quality of public-private dialogue
  • Build connections and trust among SMEs, ultimately promoting much needed economic integration.

Serbia, as a slowly recovery economy, has lot to gain from fostering linkages, information sharing and collaboration between firms, than usually expected. In Serbia, SMEs are of great importance, because in many ways they serve to preserve and develop islands of productive capacity that are not accessible to large and foreign investors and would otherwise be simply disappearing. However, characteristic to the recovery is that firms often tend to develop in isolation from one another. We observe almost no territorial clustering and limited integration/collaboration among firms. Therefore, the goal of SME Observatory is to enhance Serbia’s potential for sustainable economic growth of SME business sector by producing knowledge, making connections and providing regular public information.

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