The Growth Incubator

Mobilizes and capacitates stakeholders to create/initiate both government and non-government institutional solutions and development projects in support of economic growth and decent job generation. Initiatives generated by this program can range from bringing together stakeholders to design and advocate for regulatory solutions that could be especially supportive of a particular kind of market undertaking, to providing content and know-how for technology parks and incubators.

The expected benefit of such initiatives is not only the direct contribution they make to job generation and growth, but also showing by example how stakeholders can make the most out of the resources at their disposal (their own, or co-funded from development funds), but more importantly that policies and collective solutions are ultimately in their hands.

CEVES is already focusing on two sectors that it believes have to be cornerstones of any development strategy for Serbia:

  1. Rural farm and non-farm economy, as it provides a safety net for nearly 1/5 of Serbia’s population,
  2. Smart economy, as the best way to ensure growing incomes and broadly spread decent jobs.

Moreover, CEVES plans to develop a sub-program dedicated to raising Serbia’s absorption capacity for EU funds, in which it expects that business associations and local communities will be significant partners.