Uncovering Regional Patterns: Towards More Dynamic, Inclusive and Equitable Regional Growth

Partner: UNDP Serbia

The overall goal of the proposed project is to contribute to Serbia’s development efforts by providing analytical information on economic structures, stakeholders and institutional players as well as to suggest some immediate measures that could be taken to accelerate growth, and ensure that it is more inclusive and regionally equitable. The beneficiaries of this would be Serbia’s citizens, particularly those living in territories that are lagging behind in terms of employment and overall levels of development.
More specifically, we aim to produce two kinds of practical knowledge that ultimately aim to provide suggestions for specific intervention measures that can be undertaken either by policy-makers or development partners: (a) about the economic structures in certain areas of the country, which can serve as the basis for designing development interventions tailored to their needs; (b) an overview of the current framework for territorial governance in Serbia – not only the de jure, but even more the de facto one – because understanding this is necessary in order to be able to define who is in the best position to undertake which policy measures. We will also make suggestions for smaller, incremental changes that can be made in order to improve the framework for policy interventions.


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