Understanding Belgrade services sector: Report on survey results

Open Society Fund

Year: 2007

This research aim to understand and describe the new service sector in Serbia. In global economy, financial capital is being increasingly directed toward countries abundant in knowledge and skills. Knowledge is fueling economic growth and development in every region of the world. Rapid advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provide the means for developing countries to accelerate their progress or even leapfrog stages of development, which would enable their integration into the global economy. The “new” service sector, particularly knowledge based services, may well have been booming in Serbia over the past few years. FREN’s and CEVES’ research is aims to fill a great gap in understanding the new services sector in Serbia. Detailed and rigorous survey of the services sector in Belgrade – bound to account for the lion’s share of the new service sector in Serbia – assesses the structure, dimensions, key development factors and development potential of the service sector in Serbia. To seize the opportunity and transform Serbia into a knowledge economy, carefully designed policies are needed, aimed at enhancing human capital and developing appropriate infrastructure. This research provides policy makers and businesses with consistent information required in order to build on Serbia’s strengths and remove obstacles.



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