Danijela Bobić, Program Director

Danijela Bobić is a program director at the Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES). She is responsible for the complete process of development, implementation, and coordination of research-based projects in CEVES, aimed to contribute to sustainable economic growth in Serbia.

Her special focus is on inclusive and sustainable economic growth through private sector development, SME and entrepreneurship strengthening. These activities include both firm level competitiveness improvement and local economic development approach. She also deals with policy research, with special emphasis on improving the business environment in Serbia and the improvement of international position of Serbian firms. Danijela specializes in the range of activities in CEVES, from the implementation and coordination of complete research processes: developing methodology, creating and managing databases, analyses and writing reports and publications; to the presentation of the research results that CEVES releases to the public.

Danijela was born in Belgrade in 1987. She holds a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University in Belgrade with particular focus on Accounting, Auditing and Business Finance.  During her studies she obtained a wide variety of domestic and international seminars. She is currently conducting her master thesis on The International Masters in Quantitative Finance at University in Belgrade.

Danijela Bobić