Positive Peer Reviews of Task 2 Studies within Assessing and streamlining the potential of the Open Balkan Initiative project

Given the complexity of the work within the Task 2 of the Assessing and streamlining the potential of the Open Balkan Initiative project, in which CEVES participates, CEA ordered Peer review on the Task 2 work.

We want to thank the reviewers, Prof. Vancho Uzunov and Prof. Marjan Petreski for taking time and reviewing our Task 2 reports organized in three Volumes:

  • Volume 1: Country disparity analysis: Desk research (reviewed by Prof. Vancho Uzunov)
  • Volume 2: Analysis of territorial challenges, needs and potential of the six Western Balkan countries: An economic view (reviewed by Prof. Marjan Petreski) and
  • Volume 3: Country disparity analysis: Cluster analysis (reviewed by Prof. Marjan Petreski)

The reviewers provided valuable feedback on the volumes and we are grateful for their insightful comments, reflections and recommendations.  We provide a point-by-point response to the reviewers’ comments, reflections and recommendations in the Letter from the Editor.

Read the peer reviews and the Letter from the Editor in English. 

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