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The Economics of the Environmental Protests in Serbia Kori Udovički

Text was published in journal NIN on 16.12.2021   Founder and head of the Belgrade think-tank Center for Advanced Economic studies, Kori Udovički, gave an interview for the Serbian journal “NIN”.  She pointed out that after a decade of destruction and two decades of painstaking transformation, the Serbian economy has... Read more

Facts and Fiction about Serbia’s Economic Growth, The Missing Link

Text by Kori Udovički, published in NIN on 18/11/2021 (translated from Serbian)  It has become completely clear today that development priorities are just not a political priority.  Economic growth is not the same as development. There are rich countries with poor peoples   Serbia shows no actual progress in this... Read more

(SR) Agenda 2030 u Srbiji – trenutno puka formalnost, potencijalno vredan alat za upravljanje razvojem

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(SR) Kori Udovički – Konferencija:Nova ekonomska agenda za Srbiju 29.10.2021

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(SR) Kori Udovički – Javno čitanje izveštaja Evropske komisije o Srbiji 2021

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(SR) Kori Udovički u emisiji “Pregled dana” 8. oktobra 2021.

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(SR) Nemanja Šormaz o subvencijama i stranim dirketnim investicijama, gostovanje na jutarnjem programu televizije Nova s

Nemanja Šormaz, direktor Centra za visoke ekonomske studije (CEVES) gostovao je u jutarnjem programu televize Nova s. Šormaz je prilikom gostovanja, pre svega govorio o odnosu subvencija koje se dodeljuju domaćim i stranim preduzećima, koji u ovom trenutku stoji na nivou tri na prema jedan u korist stranih firmi. Reči... Read more

(SR) Kori Udovički za Novi Magazin: Vučićeve prečice su razvojne kočnice

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The Price of a Cynical Electoral Calculation

Thisi is a slightly edited version of the article published in NIN magazine on July 30th, 2020. Author: dr Kori Udovički At a time when officially hundreds, and possibly many more, people are dying from covid in Serbia, it is important to be quite clear that this was not inevitable.... Read more

(SR) Danon: efekti jednokratne novčane pomoći od 100 evra verovatno neće dostići pun potencijal

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(SR) Udovički: Kasno je za minimalac u maju, Nova Ekonomija

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(SR) Komentar na usvojene i najavljene ekonomske mere za ublažavanje posledica Kovid-krize

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An Imperative for Support Measures – Abundant Liquidity to Accompany Payment Discipline

By Kori Udovički, orig. 29/03/2020, rev. 01/04/2020 Download PDF The pandemic struck us just at the very moment when the payment discipline in Serbia begun significantly to improve. The measures to strengthen financial discipline in the private sector adopted in 2016 and the reduction in government arrears in the context... Read more

CEVES Visits International Economic Institutes

Last week three Economic Institutes hosted CEVES representatives – “Austrian Institute for SME Research” from Austria, “GKI Economic Research” and the “Institute for Economic and Enterprise Research” from Hungary. Director of CEVES, Mr. Nemanja Sormaz, with his associate visited Vienna in order to establish and develop cooperation with international partners.... Read more

CEVES is now part of the Initiative Global Compact United Nations

Center for Advanced Economic Studis is new member of the world platform Global Compact United Nations. With more than 10,000 participants from over 145 countries, the Global Compact is the world’s largest voluntary corporate citizenship initiative committed to the advancement of corporate social responsibility. CEVES started with its activities by... Read more

Kori Udovički participates in the meeting of the United Nations High-Level Advisory Board for Economic and Social Affairs in New York

June 10th, 2018 The first session of the United Nations High-Level Advisory Board on Economic and Social Affairs, in which Kori Udovički, Chairman of the Governing Board of the Center for High Economic Studies (CEVES), is taking a part is ending today in New York. The Board is a new... Read more

A cooperation agreement was signed between the University of Metropolitan FEFA and CEVES

September 7th, 2017 University of Metropolitan FEFA and the Center for Advanced Economic Studies signed a cooperation agreement, which created the conditions for the good practices between these two institutions to expand and to provide FEFA students with a practical experience within the CEVES field of operations. The agreement envisages... Read more

Danijela Bobić, CEVES’s Program director, on Radio Belgrade 1 about youth entrepreneurship in Serbia

May 26th, 2017 Danijela Bobić, Program Director of the Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES) was guest on Wednesday, May 24th, in the show “In the Spotlight” (“U sredistu paznje”) which is broadcasted every working day on Radio Belgrade 1. The show was about representing and talking about results from... Read more

Magazine “Business & Finance” – International competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

December 29th, 2015 Danijela Bobić, Program Director at Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES), wrote an article for the January issue of professional magazine „Business and Finance“, on the topic of International Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The article shows an overview of international activities of Serbian SMEs,... Read more

Magazine “Business & Finance” – The Development Potentials Index of Tradable Industries of Serbia

December 11th, 2015 In the last issue of the economic magazine Business and Finance, Nemanja Sormaz, Executive Director of Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES), presented the findings of the study “The Development Potentials Index of Tradable Industries of Serbia”. In the article, industries were divided into active and passive,... Read more

Presentation of the study „Development potentials index of sectors in Serbia“ to the managing board of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

October 6th, 2015 CEVES presented the results of its research „Development Potentials Index of sectors in Serbia“ yesterday at the meeting of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia that supported this research. This study is a part of one big project which goal is to... Read more

Kopaonik Business forum 2015 – Presentation of the report “Serbia’s real sector performance”

March 23rd, 2015 CEVES has presented its study “Serbia’s Real Sector Performance” at Kopaonik Business Forum 2015. This research was supported by USAID SLDP. CEVES aimed to determine the competitiveness of Serbian enterprises, by size, industry and regions. This presentation was opened by US Ambassador, mister Michael D. Kirby, who... Read more