Important announcement

Ms. Kori Udovički, the founder and former director of Center for Advanced Economic Studies, after few years of successful managing of this organization, has resigned, with the purpose to be included in the team of newly formed Government of Republic of Serbia, as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government. With this turn in CEVES’ management, this organization with young and perspective people continues to pace with the footsteps of Ms. Udovički. By transferring her knowledge and experience, Ms. Udovički has managed to set firm foundations for her ideas to be implemented in the upcoming projects, that will try to awake the nation and to continue on recovering the business in Serbia. For our new leader, Ms. Udovički has chosen Mr. Nemanja Šormaz to be the new Director of CEVES. Mr. Šormaz will have the opportunity to lead and proudly represent this youthful organization.

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