Living in the European Serbia: Mapping of the SDGs within the EU integrations framework

Open Society Foundations

Year: 2019

The brochure “Living in the European Serbia: Mapping of the SDGs within the EU integrations framework ” is prepared within the project “Living in the European Serbia – illustration, quantification and representation of societal benefits that stem from adoption of the institutional framework of the EU”  supported by  the Open Society Foundations. The brochure is a contribution to the arguments of the civil society of Serbia that favor the European integration of Serbia, showing how it can contribute to the socio-economic development of Serbia and personal aspirations of its citizens.

The brochure is available only in Serbian

CEVES is now part of the Initiative Global Compact United Nations

Center for Advanced Economic Studis is new member of the world platform Global Compact United Nations. With more than 10,000 participants from over 145 countries, the Global Compact is the world’s largest voluntary corporate citizenship initiative committed to the advancement of corporate social responsibility.

CEVES started with its activities by presenting research findings about Sustainable Development Goals at Assembly of Global Compact members in Serbia, held October 4th 2018 at Chamber of Commerce  of Serbia.

The Global Compact is a framework for sharing expert knowhow and promoting the business practices of its participants, which are committed to aligning their operations with the ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. The Global Compact is not a regulatory instrument – it does not “police”, enforce or measure the behavior or actions of companies. Rather, the Global Compact relies on public accountability, transparency and the enlightened self-interest of companies, non-government organizations, civic associations and academic institutions to initiate and share substantive action in pursuing the principles upon which the Global Compact is based.

The Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set core of values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption with 10 Principles:

  • Principle 1: respect and support for the protection of internationally recognized human rights
  • Principle 2: Ensure that human rights are not violated during business
  • Principle 3: Supporting freedom of association and the application of the right to collective bargaining
  • Principle 4: Abolition of all types of forced and forced labor
  • Principle 5: banning the employment of children
  • Principle 6: eliminating discrimination in the workplace
  • Principle 7: responsible access to the environment
  • Principle 8: support for projects that protect the environment
  • Principle 9: Participation in the development of non-environmental damage technologies
  • Principle 10: the fight against corruption in any form, including extortion and briber

Call for Project Proposals

Centar za visoke ekonomske studije (CEVES) u okviru projekta „Korišćenje ciljeva održivog razvoja kao vodilja preusmeravanja istraživanja društvenih nauka: Pilot projekat“  objavljuje poziv za dostavljanje predloga projekata na temu: “Ka postizanju ciljeva održivog razvoja u Srbiji: Kako su povezani kvalitet poslova i ekonomska struktura?”. Projekat je podržao PERFORM (PERFORM je projekat Švajcarske agencije za razvoj i saradnju koji sprovode organizacija HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation i Univerzitet u Friburgu), i on je deo šireg „Pripremnog projekta platforme za društveni dijalog o ciljevima održivog razvoja u Srbiji“ podržanog od strane Švajcarske agencije za razvoj i saradnju.

CEVES poziva istraživačke organizacije, akademsku zajednicu i grupe istraživača da podnesu svoje predloge projekta u skladu sa objavljenim uslovima konkursa. Uslove konkursa, istraživačku temu i sve druge dodatne informacije možete pronaći u PDF fajlu na linku ispod. 

Svoja pitanja vezana za konkurs možete uputiti elektronski na adresu office@ceves.org.rs najkasnije do 11. maja 2018. godine.

Predlozi projekata se podnose na engleskom jeziku i u elektronski na adresu: office@ceves.org.rs  sa naslovom koji se odnosi na ovaj poziv. Rok za podnošenje predloga projekata je 25. maj 2018. do 12h.

Poziv za dostavljanje predloga projekata.

Important announcement

Ms. Kori Udovički, the founder and former director of Center for Advanced Economic Studies, after few years of successful managing of this organization, has resigned, with the purpose to be included in the team of newly formed Government of Republic of Serbia, as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government. With this turn in CEVES’ management, this organization with young and perspective people continues to pace with the footsteps of Ms. Udovički. By transferring her knowledge and experience, Ms. Udovički has managed to set firm foundations for her ideas to be implemented in the upcoming projects, that will try to awake the nation and to continue on recovering the business in Serbia. For our new leader, Ms. Udovički has chosen Mr. Nemanja Šormaz to be the new Director of CEVES. Mr. Šormaz will have the opportunity to lead and proudly represent this youthful organization.

Entrepreneurship in Serbia – necessity or opportunity?

Over the Fall of 2013 CEVES conducted research about public and elite attitudes towards entrepreneurship in Serbia, as well as about the structure and performance of the SME sector.  Overall, the findings are that we expect less from entrepreneurship and the SME sector than it already delivers and, even more so, from what it could deliver.  We have integrated these findings in a brochure aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and disseminating information about the economic potential of the SME sector, and calling for a more committed involvement in European initiatives in support of small and medium sized companies.


Quarterly Monitor of Economic Trends and Policies in Serbia (QM)

Originally CEVES’ flagship product and today FREN’s, has set new standards in the local economic discipline by offering consistent and thoroughly assessed data on all major macroeconomic aggregates, and providing a thorough analysis of the processes related to economic growth, and monetary, external and financial developments.

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