Mapping barriers to youth entrepreneurship

Partner: German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH (GIZ)

Year: 2017

The project aimed to map institutional and legal barriers that youth face when starting their businesses in Serbia. Much like their peers worldwide, youth in Serbia are faced with numerous challenges when entering the labor market. Figures from the Serbian labor market show a dire situation for young people, since the unemployment rate of this segment of population is almost twice that of the general unemployment rate. Starting a business is one solution for those inclined towards entrepreneurship – and the percentage of such individuals among youth is 36%, higher than in the general population. However, the share of those who actually start a business is significantly lower. Education as obvious barrier for youth activism and developing skills was not subject of this study.

Study gives overview of three particular barriers Serbian youth face: 1) Access to finance and capital; 2) Fiscal and para-fiscal system; 3) Information and practical skills. Beside these barriers which are characteristic for all those starting the business, study shows barriers affecting specific youth groups: 1) Highly skilled youth; 2) Youth in vocational education and training (VET); 3) Youth not in employment, education or training (NEET); 4) Young women; 5) Socially vulnerable youth.


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