Departs from standard dissemination of think tank work, by identifying and tailoring its communication to three kinds of stakeholders: 1. Experts (and policy-makers), 2. Business community & entrepreneurs, and 3. General public.

These outreach activities aim to contribute to the stakeholders’ capacity to act as active and constructive participants in the country’s economic life, each within their spheres of action and own language. CEVES plans to mobilize and facilitate their participation through the organization of various activities, carefully adapted to the needs and interests of each stakeholder. The fact that CEVES plans to engage the business community as a contributor and an active agent (and not just an object of its research), will contribute to its motivation for this engagement. Such a standing relationship with the private sector will require a concerted effort and a strategic communication approach.

In addition to standard dissemination of the outputs produced in the research programs, CEVES is open and keen to push its regular blog named “All around Economy”, with the aim to comment and analyze with rigorous accuracy, but in non-expert language, legislation that has been adopted. In its blog, CEVES will also identify and refer its audience to individuals and organizations showing a constructive, can-do attitude towards Serbia’s social and economic problems. CEVES will seek to fundraise for creative and effective ways to translate and disseminate the outputs of its research programs for non-expert audiences.