Preparatory Project for a Society-wide Dialogue Platform on SDGs for Serbia

Partner: The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

The goal of the Preparatory project was to develop a larger project proposal that would propose a strategy for the development of a broad society-wide dialogue on the SDGs motivated and steered through an independent civil society platform. Such a dialogue put in the context of the nationalization of SDGs that the government and UN plan to conduct could make a critical contribution to ensuring this nationalization exercise is truly participatory, and deals with the issues that are truly at the heart of Serbia’s development challenges. It related to the need to reinforce Serbia’s capacity to steer policies towards accomplishing not only economic growth, but economic development that is more equitable and leaves no one behind, that is both socially just and environmentally sustainable, and that is participatory – making the citizen and local communities the central development agents.

Project had a dissemination phase with the aim to further raise awareness on the results of CEVES research and where Serbia stands in the regards with SDGs today. CEVES organized one-day Conference on Serbia’s SDG Issues, focusing on the SDG values, and the challenges of ensuring that economic growth is both accelerated and more broadly spread, considering the growth challenges we are emphasizing above.

This project also resulted with two outputs: 

Report “Serbia Sustainable Development Issues: A Baseline Review”

Brochure  “Serbia’s Sustainable Development: How are we doing?”

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