Quarterly monitor of economic trends and policies in Serbia

Partner: FREN

Year: 2013 – 2015

The Quarterly Monitor of Economic Trends and Policies in Serbia (QM), initially developed by CEVES in 2005 by Kori Udovički, (current President of the Governing Board and Chief Economist of CEVES) has now become the most representative and relevant publication of the Foundation for the Advancement of Economics (FREN). QM regularly monitors and analyzes the general macroeconomic situation and economic policies in Serbia, comparing it with the EU and other countries in South-East Europe. QM’s main aim is giving a thorough insight on the state of Serbia’s economy, together with offering comments and recommendations to policy makers on the most serious issues Serbia is facing. Quarterly Monitors focus on six main topics: Economic Activity, Employment and Wages, Balance of Payments and Foreign Trade, Prices and the Exchange Rate, Fiscal Flows and Policy and Monetary Flows and Policy. The QM current Editor-in-Chief is Milojko Arsić, economics lecturer the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade and former Member of the Council National Bank of Serbia.

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