A focus group was held in Sombor as part of the support for the development of the Mid-Term City Development Plan

The Center for Advanced Economic Studies CEVES, together with the Timok Youth Center, held a focus group with representatives of Sombor in the premises of the Sombor Educational Center in Sombor, on April 7, 2022, within the framework of the Economic Pillar of the “Sustainable Development for All” Platform. Among those gathered were representatives of the city administration, companies, the Chamber of Commerce and public utility companies. The event was organized with the aim of gathering information and participants’ views on topics that will be significant for the preparation of the Mid-Term City Development Plan.

During the event, participants shared their opinion based on their experience and expertise on the following topics: infrastructure quality, labor supply, the state of agriculture and tourism and the main obstacles to their further development, the availability of financial instruments for companies, as well as the impact of current events in Ukraine and covid crisis on business. Among the main conclusions of the focus group is the need to improve the quality of infrastructure, as well as the need for larger investments in order to stimulate and further improve the domestic economy. This is the first of several events that CEVES will be conducting in Sombor with the aim of formulating recommendations for the city administration for the preparation of the Mid-Term Development Plan.

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