Regional and Local Development

Developing new strategies of local economic development represents a significant part of national strategies of economic development based on the „top down“ principle. It allows the creation of broad social benefits by using resources on the most efficient way.
The matter of local and regional development is in the center of attention these days, especially because regions of West, East and South Serbia are well economically behind Belgrade and Vojvodina. Smaller cities have another concern to take care of, and that is monoindustrialisation. It means that local economies depend significally on one big industrial entreprise established in the period of socialism, that has smaller or bigger problems in its management. These entreprsies employ very big part of local population or maybe whole families, we could say that vast majority of local inhabitants depend of one big company. The major questions would be how to restructure these big industrial systems and how to diversify local economy? Beside this, the focus will be on establishing balanced regional development and identifying new instruments to implement these ideas.