Institutional Design for Growth

This program covers a broad range of issues, regarding the institutional framework necessary to insure much greater stability of government policies, their design in support of growth, legal security, competitiveness, transparency and social participation. It pays attention not only to regulations and organizational structures but also to what people understand institutions to be – how they interpret and apply them.

CEVES considers of outmost importance to tackle early on two fundamental institutional problems:

  1. The absence of adequate government planning and accountability systems which significantly reduces Serbia’s capacity to deliver adequate support to economy and in great measure responsible for extreme policy instability which directly hurts its economic growth,
  2. Incomplete transition from “social” to private property which results in serious regulatory inconsistences, blocks implementation of regulatory change and leads to a decentralized obstructive bureaucratic behavior towards private undertakings and enterprises. CEVES will seek to conduct smaller projects targeted at specific issues, as the opportunity might arise, through which it can build its understanding of these issues, and argumentation of the need, to tackle them.