Kori Udovički, President of the Governing Board and Chief Economist

Kori Udovički is founder and heads the Belgrade think-tank Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES). CEVES is an independent think-and-do-tank devoted to advancing Serbia’s economic recovery, democratic consolidation, and convergence with the European Union. She is also current member of the United Nations High-Level Advisory Board on Economic and Social Affairs.
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Members of the Governing board

Milan Milićević

Milan Milićević founded Bastion Group in late 2004 which was acquired by KBC Group in 2007 and became KBC Securities Corporate Finance (KBCS). Milan led the successful MBO of KBCS in early 2011 which resulted in the establishment of Virtu Partners. He is Managing Director and Chairman of the Board. Milan specializes in the full range of investment banking and strategic consulting services.

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Natalija Novta

Natalija Novta is an economist at the Research Department, International Monetary Fund.She serves on the Governing Board of CEVES in her personal capacity and does not represent the views of the IMF. Ms. Novta has contributed research for the IMF World Economic Outlook, Fiscal Monitor and the Western Hemisphere Regional Economic Outlook, as well as worked on IMF programs and surveillance.

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Nemanja Šormaz, Director

Nemanja Šormaz is the Director of Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES). During five years in CEVES, he has been actively engaged with policymakers and other key stakeholders on economic development projects. He develops and coordinates projects with a goal to enable sustainable, smart and inclusive economic growth.

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Danijela Bobić, Program Director

Danijela Bobić is an economist working as the Program Director of Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES). Danijela’s primary expertise lies in the area of sustainable, smart and inclusive economic development, with the particular focus on the private sector development. She was dominantly engaged both in the analytical work, and policy recommendations design and policy advocacy.
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Marko Danon, Research Economist

Marko  Danon has been a research economist with Center for advanced economic studies (CEVES) since October 2018. Beforehand, Marko was Asset liability manager with Addiko bank, after having spent five years as economist within the Economic research department in the same bank.  Read more

Ivona Janović – Administrative Assistant

Ivona Janović is Administrative Assistant at the Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES). She is responsible for recording the accounts and payment of matured liabilities, managing cash register, making travel orders for employees, keeping records of the presence of employees, annual breaks and paying salaries.

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