Kopaonik Business forum 2015 – Presentation of the report “Serbia’s real sector performance”

March 23rd, 2015

CEVES has presented its study “Serbia’s Real Sector Performance” at Kopaonik Business Forum 2015. This research was supported by USAID SLDP. CEVES aimed to determine the competitiveness of Serbian enterprises, by size, industry and regions. This presentation was opened by US Ambassador, mister Michael D. Kirby, who emphasized that private sector “should grow in order to absorb unemployed workforce in Serbia”.

CEVES has analyzed the current state of Serbian economy, trends and structure in exports, competitiveness of single industries and the most promising industries. The main goal of our research is to shed light on the most promising industries, with the potential to drive sustainable growth and development of Serbia’s economy. Exports must play an integral role as the the locomotive of Serbian growth but first it is needed to enhance the international operations of current exporters and but also to encourage non-exporters to internationalize their business.

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