Performance and Value Chain Analysis of Selected Sectors

Consortium CEVES and Chamber of Commerce Serbia

Year: 2017

The current study presents the performance of manufacturing in Serbia since the crisis of 2009, focused on competitiveness analysis of four manufacturing sectors selected by the Ministry of Economy: food and drinks (F&D), wood and furniture (W&F), rubber and plastics (R&P) and machines and equipment (M&E). The study is conducted within a broader project (“Competitiveness and Jobs”) implemented by the Government of Serbia and World Bank, whose aim is to mitigate and remove barriers for boosting competitiveness and employment.

The purpose of the study is to contribute to the improvement of business and investment environment – especially in selected sectors – in a way that implementation of activities proposed in the study leads to the promotion of development, competitiveness and employment, i.e. elimination or mitigation of the main identified barriers. Also, the purpose of the study is to inform the development of an industrial development strategy in line with the EU negotiating chapter 20 – Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy, which is about accelerating the structural adjustment, encouraging the creation of business-friendly environment, fostering domestic and foreign investment, promoting small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.


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