Review of economic indicators for CRDA SEDP project

Partner: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Year: 2007

The objective of the assignment was to perform the pre-evaluation tasks of USAID’s Community Revitalization through Democratic Action (CRDA) program and Serbia Enterprise Development Project (SEDP). CRDA and SEDP were among the most important projects implemented by USAID in Serbia, aimed to strengthen Serbia’s democratic processes and economic transition. In the course of these programs, more than $200 million has been spent on achieving desired goals.

The project assessed socio-economic impact of these two programs. The focus of assessment was the estimation of the following: employment created as a result of CRDA activities; additional income generated; additional agricultural sales; full-time equivalent jobs created. The assessment included both direct and indirect impacts of the programs. Additionally, in order to adequately assess economic activities within programs, and to determine which project types had a larger relative impact, a cost-benefit analysis was performed. The assessment had to provide solutions for a series of issues, including the frequent changes in program objectives and priorities; and the multidimensionality of CRDA program that added complexity to the definition of priorities. 



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