Serbia’s economy: The stylized facts

USAID, Fund for an Open Society-Serbia and the Royal Netherlands Embassy

Year: 2006

This report presents a comprehensive assessment of Serbia’s key macroeconomic statistics and aggregates, the essential economic information that can be derived from it with reasonable certainty, and a reassessment of the GDP level and expenditure structure. The assessment covers key price, exchange rate, production and output data, as well as all publicly available fiscal, monetary and external sector data. It documents the data and presents it in analytically useful formats; it documents the collection methodologies and inventories key weaknesses in it; it points to inconsistencies among the series, providing an assessment, where possible, of the likely actual dimensions of the aggregates. An alternative set of figures is offered for the GDP level and expenditure structure in 2003 and 2004.

The purpose of Volume II report is to analyze the value added of the enterprise sector of Serbia, as recorded from financial reports submitted to the Solvency Center in 2001-2004, and its behavior with regard to forms of ownership, size and activities, and then assess the impact of ownership structure and its changes on economic growth, productivity, employment and labor costs.

Report Vol1

Report Vol2

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