Serbia’s Real Sector Performance: Exhibited Competitiveness by Size, Industry and Region

The Project “Serbia’s Real Sector Performance: Exhibited Competitiveness by Size, Industry and Region” is funded by USAID’s Sustainable Local Development Project (SLDP) and represents a valuable Research Asset for Improving SME and Competitiveness Policy in Serbia, developed under the SLDP Project. The Project duration was from March 2014 until January 2015. This Project aimed to improve the targeting of employment generation, competitiveness enhancement and local development interventions in Serbia by improving the information base tools on which such interventions rely. It described the performance and growth potential of the most relevant business sectors in Serbia over the period from 2005 and 2013, pointing to the likely key factors that determine their success.

The main goal of our research is to shed light on the most promising industries, with the potential to drive sustainable growth and development of Serbia’s economy through enhanced international competitiveness and exporting activities. In addition, this research will also shed light on industries that have obvious market potential, but struggle to achieve their goals and realize this potential fully. We will briefly point out the fields in which certain constraints limit the realization of the full potential of those industries. The knowledge produced by this research should motivate policymakers to look for various actions whose implementation would adequately support the most promising industries and remove, or at the least minimize the constraints that these industries encounter.

Report – Serbia’s Real Sector Performance

Export Competitiveness
Overall Industry Performance
The Most Promising Industries
Case study – Fabricated Metal Products

Survey report
Regional Business Profiles

Graph – Performance of industries (2009-2013)

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