The COVID-crisis and Serbia’s SMEs: Assessment of Impact and Outline of Future Scenarios

World Bank

Year: 2020

This study focuses on the impact that the COVID crisis has had so far on Serbia’s MSME sector. The goal is twofold: to throw light on the needs of MSMEs as a distinct and very important segment of the economy, as well as to develop a useful segmentation, grouping them by sector and size, to encourage the development of the targeted policies they need to thrive. This is important because MSMEs play an outsize role in Serbia’s economy. As elsewhere, they are key to the generation of employment as well as having become an important generator of innovation and ICT and other new technology jobs. However, in Serbia they also account for the bulk of the domestically owned economy, they are an important generator of manufacturing know-how, skills, and jobs, and they are highly integrated in the regional as well as international economy.

The document is available in English on the following link:

WB Covid 19_ Report MASTER


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