TIME FOR A BIG SMALL ECONOMY:IT’S COMPETITIVE AND INNOVATIVE, Panel diskusija, Kopaonik Biznis is forum 2023

As part of the Kopaonik Business Forum 2023, Ceves, in cooperation with USAID, organized a panel discussion TIME FOR A BIG SMALL ECONOMY: COMPETITIVE AND INNOVATIVE. Panel was moderated by Cevesa’s chief economist Kori Udovički, while the panelists were Jure Galić (NOVELIC), Goran Janković (Inmold Plast), Biljana Jovanović (Luna) and Šarković Dušan (DMV – industrial control systems). During the panel, we could hear great stories from our panelists about how their companies grew from small family businesses into serious, innovative and socially responsible companies, whose products are exported all over the world. Also, the panelists informed  and faced us with the real problems that they encounter during their daily business

During the panel, deputy chief economist of Ceves, Pavle Medić, presented the competitiveness index of the Serbian economy. Competitivness index is composite Index that aims to monitor the competitiveness of the Serbian economy through the competitiveness of its companies in nine different dimensions: performance and sentiment, innovation, gender equality, industry 4.0, innovations, human resources, sophistication, business environment, access to finance, green transformation.


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