Using SDG to Reposition Social Science Research: A Pilot Project

Partner: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation 

The project is an interdisciplinary and participative bottom up approach to understanding at least some aspects of the key factors underlying Serbia’s greatest development challenges – how competitiveness policies can serve to generate quality jobs and reach those parts of the country (and its population) that are most falling behind.

The Specific Objective was to create a framework for knowledge-policy system stakeholder’s interaction among Serbia’s development researchers and practitioners, which will facilitate their engagement in a public debate / participatory process advancing the understanding and policies that can accelerate the accomplishment of economic, social and human development along more than one SDG dimension. One of the key project’s phases refers to organization of stakeholder dialogue through consultative round tables/workshops to identify key issues in defining key competitiveness – human development linkages, needs for further research to identify drivers of positive change and how they can be measured.

For this dialog, CEVES prepared a study “Real Sector Performance and Competitiveness Some Stylized Facts and Open Questions (Serbia 2009-2016)”.

Call for Project Proposals


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