Assessment of the barriers for the investments in South Serbia

World Bank

Year: 2008

This report deals with the problem of attracting investments in the Jablanica and Pcinja districts. The aim of the study is to establish the reasons why the inflow of investment in Jablanica and Pcinja region is unsatisfactory, as well as to propose measures to improve this situation. Jablanica and Pcinja are two most economically undeveloped districts in Serbia, with living standard below the republican average. As a key problem that prevents acceleration economic growth, increasing employment and improving the living standards of citizens, low capitalization of the region was identified, insufficient number of economic entities and insufficient inflow of investments. . The report is the result of a fundamental research work, which included a detailed analysis of relevant literature, statistical analysis data, conducting surveys in the region, interviews with relevant actors in the region (including representatives of local economy and representatives of local authorities), talks with relevant representatives of the republican government, talks with associations representing them large domestic and foreign investors, and the analysis of the survey in which local companies and members of local government took place.

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