Comprehensiveness of industry development

Comprehensiveness refers to the proportion of firms driving the growth of an industry. Growth should be as comprehensive as possible, i.e. supported by as many firms within the industry as possible. The greater the number of firms contributing to the growth of an industry, the more comprehensive is the growth of that industry. The comprehensiveness of industry growth is measured by the proportion of successful firms in a certain industry (more in report, page 72). Every fourth bona fide firm in Serbia’s economy was successful in the post-crisis period generating 45% of the economy’s total revenues. Of the successful firms, almost 40% of them can be considered fast-growing, with an increment of revenues above 20% annually. Every tenth bona fide firm in Serbia’s economy was both successful and fast-growing. Those 7,000 companies represent the real strength and healthy foundation of Serbia’s economy.

The graph below provides in-depth look into attractiveness, suitability and development of industries in Serbia’s economy. The best performing industries in terms of comprehensiveness are those with a high concentration of resilient and profitably growing firms, whose contribution to industry revenues was relatively significant. This is of course, the most desirable situation for any industry. Industries located in first sub-quadrant have some of the greatest potential to drive economic growth and development for the country as a whole.

Graph – Comprehensiveness of industry development (2009-2013)

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