Magazine “Business & Finance” – The Development Potentials Index of Tradable Industries of Serbia 🗓

December 11th, 2015

In the last issue of the economic magazine Business and Finance, Nemanja Sormaz, Executive Director of Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES), presented the findings of the study “The Development Potentials Index of Tradable Industries of Serbia”. In the article, industries were divided into active and passive, with further clarifications of characteristics of both subdivisions.

The primary idea of presenting this research, which was based on the theory of export-based growth, was to show the importance of specific industries for the overall economic development, and the possibilities of creating sector “tailor-made” development policies which would boost the competitiveness and export of those sectors. In the near future, CEVES will complete the study, based on the data from 2014, and will try to further present Serbian economy’s development potentials to a wider audience.

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