Nemanja Šormaz, Director

Nemanja Šormaz is the Director of Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES). During five years in CEVES, he has been actively engaged with policymakers and other key stakeholders on economic development projects. He develops and coordinates projects with a goal to enable sustainable, smart and inclusive economic growth.

Nemanja is a lead author of two foundational and innovative studies “Serbia’s Real Sector Performance” and “Supporting and stimulating growth of competitive industries – Development Potential Index”. He led an in-depth gap analyses of 1.000 firms of Serbia’s economy, through survey and interviews, with a goal to understand critical success factors of performance and competitiveness, as well as existing constraints that block the potential of firms in Serbia’s economy.

During his career, he has also gained very significant experience and knowledge as a special adviser to Mrs. Ana Brnabic, Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, and Kori Udovicki, the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia’s Government. He led a process of rightsizing of Serbia’s general government, while creating a holistic and clear picture about its structure, functionality and performance, with a goal to enable regular monitoring and measuring of its results, as well as the international benchmarking.

Nemanja Šormaz