Performance and value chain analysis of selected sectors

Partner: Ministry of Economy, Government of Serbia

Year: 2017

The objective of the assignment was to improve the Ministry of Economy’s targeting of employment generation, competitiveness enhancement and investment attraction policies in Serbia by improving the information base and tools on which such interventions rely.

The assessment provided detailed analyses of selected industries, benchmarked their competitiveness against competitor countries and provided concrete policy recommendations for the sustained increase in their competitiveness. Performance and competitiveness were assessed based on a detailed database of Serbian Business Registers Agency and Customs data as well export competitiveness of Serbian product on every international market where they were being sold (detailed 4-digit UNComtrade database). Additionally, CEVES conducted more than 130 face-to-face interviews (mostly outside of Belgrade), value chain mapping and quantification, and gap analysis (based on the current and optimal state of each selected sector). The research is the foundation for the Ministry of Economy’s formulation of a new industrial development strategy. The four selected priority industries included two technology-intensive sectors (mechanical and electrical equipment, and rubber and plastic products) and two resource-based sectors (food and beverages, and wood end furniture industry), deemed of highest potential to contribute to Serbia’s competitiveness. In addition, the performance and the competitiveness of 8 sectors were subject to a quick review.


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