What is our health like? System of indicators for social dialogue on health and health care system of Serbia

Foundation for Open Society

Year: 2017

This research aimed to establish an independent monitoring of the quality of the work of the health care system of Serbia, which is, however, part of an even broader CEVES’s program aimed at strengthening the monitoring of the quality of work and the organization of public authorities. The project created direct link towards the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal 3 – Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
Main project output is baseline report that prioritizes a set of indicators and compares the observed data in Serbia with the situation in the selected countries, so that a sufficiently reliable assessment can be obtained, yet sufficiently easy to communicate to the public about the state of health of the citizens of Serbia. The research implied the preparation of preliminary baskets of indicators (quality of outcomes, results, processes and efficiency – system of protection in Serbia) as well as assessment of the weight of each of them.

Summary available in English:

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